Sad girl in yellow shirt holding pot under water leaking from ceiling

What to Do and What Not to Do If You Have a Roof Leak

It’s a chilly fall night, and you and your family are gathered around the table, enjoying a nice warm dinner. Water drops from the ceiling fall into the mashed potatoes, green beans, and other dishes on the table. This wasn’t in your plans for the evening, but it needs to be addressed right away.  What […]

Firefighter sprays water on burning house fire

How Long Do Fire Investigations Take? What is Arson?

It is not uncommon for people to set fire to their property in order to collect insurance money. A typical insurance policy only covers unintentional occurrences. Intentional malicious acts are not covered. This highlights the importance of proper investigation and caution on the part of the insurer. A fire claim investigation can take some time, […]