Trusted Public Adjusters in Miami will ensure a speedy recovery process and get the most out of your insurance claim. Not all insurance policies are the same but our Trusted knowledge in the industry will ensure the correct outcome in your claim process. We have helped thousands of property owners in Florida properly resolve their claim. Years of experience has allowed to to handle all types of insurance claims.

Hurricane & Wind Damage

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms can produce severe winds causing massive damage to your property. Trusted Public Adjusters, Inc. are experts handling these types of insurance claims. Sometimes, the full extent of hurricane or wind damage is not always clearly seen immediately after a storm. Equipped with the right tools, our team of experts can properly adjust your insurance claim. Hurricanes and wind events can cause damages to your property’s fence, roof, pools, gazebo’s and other exterior items found on your property. Wind damage to exterior structures can cause hidden water damage to the inside of your property. Water damage that is hidden and not properly remediated can lead in to possible mold growth. Taking the trusted steps from the beginning of the claim is extremely important to guarantee a positive outcome. Properly documenting the extent these hidden damages is something that Trusted Public Adjusters specializes in. Proper documentation will help maximize your claim proceeds.

Water Damage

Water damage is the most common type of insurance claim. Burst pipes, drain line overflows, air conditioning leaks are just some of the possible causes for water damage inside a property. Many insurance companies add special language that limits or sometimes excludes this claim type. Having a trusted expert look over your insurance policy and guide your claim is essential. Properly documenting the full extent of your water damage is extremely important. The proper tools and specific attention to detail allow Trusted Public Adjusters to get you the money that you deserve.

Water Damage Insurance Claim Adjuster Miami

Commercial Loss / Loss of Income

Commercial buildings such as condominiums, schools, hotels, medical facilities and business’s can suffer a wide range of damages. Our large scale claim team can quickly arrive onsite to document the claim damage. Drone imagery allow us to asses large scale projects without delay. Analyzing not only the full extent of the physical property damage but also the possible loss of income and business interruption that may occur. From small commercial properties to large wide scale operations, our staff is trained to get the job done right.

Drain Lines Damage / Cast Iron

If your home was built before 1975, it is very likely that your property was made using cast iron for the drain lines . This cast iron drains have an extremely lower life expectancy than compared to PVC drain line. Many homeowners do not know that they have an issue until its too late. Certain insurance polices have very specific language that relates to this type of claim and can even deny you coverage of your claim. A trusted expert will be able to identify the correct policy language to be able to resolve your claim properly.

Fire Damage

Home fires can be dangerous and cause major destruction to your properties garage, floors, windows, doors, roof, and personal property. Your insurance company typically covers these types of damages but properly documenting the true extent of the damage is extremely important. Trusted Public Adjusters is able to identify additional coverages in your policy that allow you to live outside of your home during the claim process or collect rent after tenants have had to vacate your property.

Vandalism & Theft

Thieves and vandals can devastate your home or rental property and cause serious  damage and loss of income. Our Trusted Public Adjusters are ready to help you get the most out of your insurance claim. Analyzing policy conditions and policy limitations is critical when dealing reporting vandalism claims and theft claims to the insurance companies. Our trained staff will be able to properly document the damages and help maximize your rights under the insurance policy.

Roof Damage

Floridians are commonly used to the typical roof damage that occurs after a hurricane, but our northern Floridians sometimes experience hail damage to their roof. Wind damage from non named storms also occasionally occur throughout Florida and can cause property damage. Calling a Trusted Public Adjuster expert to your property will ensure that your roof gets properly inspected and documented.

Roof Damage Insurance Claim Adjuster Miami


Lightning Damage

In Florida, homeowners continue to see more and more instances of lightning damage. Lightning damage claims will cause damages not only to the physical structure, but also to the property’s electrical system and the insured’s personal property. Personal property is any item that is not connected to the building structure and is either owned by you or in your physical custody at the time of the insurance loss.

Mold Damage

Mold damage inside a property can spread quickly. Mold is an indication that the property is suffering or has experienced a water loss that was not properly dried. Certain types of mold are extremely harmful to a humans health and well being. The only way to be able to provide our trusted service was to obtain the proper mold certifications. Having Normi certifications in both mold assessment and mold remediation along with IICRC certifications in water damage restoration, our staff is able to provide a comprehensive assessment of your insurance claim loss.

Denied / Under paid Claims

Many insurance companies have been known to underpay or even refuse to pay for any damages. It is important to know that you can reopen denied or underpaid claims but time is limited to statute of limitations. Our team is able to analyze your insurance documents and let you know your rights to proper compensation.