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Maximizing Your Insurance Settlement with the Help of Trusted Public Adjusters

After experiencing property damage, it can be challenging to navigate the insurance claims process alone. While insurance companies have adjusters to represent their interests, policyholders in South Florida have the right to hire their own public adjusters to represent their interests and help them maximize their insurance settlement. In this blog article, we will explore […]

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Most Common Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Commercial refers to anything connected with commerce or business. As a result, commercial property claims are simply claims relating to the premise or physical structure from which the business operates. Commercial property insurance is typically more complex than residential property insurance. It is primarily due to the high cost of the premise itself, as well […]

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A fire claim during a home renovation project caused by improperly discarded rags soaked in a combustible liquid occurs more frequently than you might think. Deck stains, oil-based paints, paint thinner, kerosene, and varnishes are all common combustibles. Rags are used to apply these finishes, clean application brushes, and wipe up spills. As these soaked […]

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Water Damage – Do You Know What’s Covered?

There is no home or business that is completely safe from the threat of water damage. Water damage can result in expensive repairs and lost revenue for your property. What are the most common water damage insurance claims? Sewer backups, burst pipes, and flooding are the most common insurance claims for water damage. When you […]

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How Do I Review My Home Insurance Policy?

Home insurance policies come in a variety of forms. Reviewing your current policy is the best way to find the one that is right for you. Policy reviews can be completed online or in-person with an agent. Understand the Fundamentals Before you consider a new Home insurance policy or speak with an agent, you should […]

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