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How to Stay Protected from Insurance Scams

Natural disasters can be devastating, and the aftermath often requires homeowners to file insurance claims for damages to their properties. Unfortunately, in these vulnerable moments, scammers may try to take advantage of individuals seeking insurance help. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to protect yourself from insurance scams, offer tips on identifying potential scams, […]

Hurricane Disaster Checklist

After years of experiencing different natural disasters, our team has put together a list of essential items that every household should have. We hope this list brings some peace of mind prior to a natural disaster. Save this list for future reference.

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Paid Below Deductible? What to do Next

Not enough money from your insurance company? Understanding the Predicament of Underpaid Claims Experiencing an underpaid insurance claim can be a frustrating situation. It’s important to remember that insurance companies, while providing a valuable service, are also businesses aiming to maintain profitability. This can sometimes result in claim payouts that are less than the deductible. […]

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Navigating the Maze of Property Insurance Claims

Insurance company giving you the runaround? Understanding the Need for a Claim Experiencing property damage can be a daunting ordeal, with the cost of repairs often exceeding initial estimates. This leads many property owners to ponder, “Should I file a claim?” The answer to this question isn’t always straightforward, making it crucial to understand your […]

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Working with Public Adjusters: Tips for Policyholders in South Florida

When disaster strikes, policyholders rely on their insurance policies to help them recover from losses caused by natural disasters, fires, or other events. However, navigating the claims process can be complex and time-consuming, especially for those who are not familiar with insurance policies and procedures. This is where public adjusters come in. Public adjusters are […]

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Maximizing Your Insurance Settlement with the Help of Trusted Public Adjusters

After experiencing property damage, it can be challenging to navigate the insurance claims process alone. While insurance companies have adjusters to represent their interests, policyholders in South Florida have the right to hire their own public adjusters to represent their interests and help them maximize their insurance settlement. In this blog article, we will explore […]

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Most Common Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Commercial refers to anything connected with commerce or business. As a result, commercial property claims are simply claims relating to the premise or physical structure from which the business operates. Commercial property insurance is typically more complex than residential property insurance. It is primarily due to the high cost of the premise itself, as well […]

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