Sad girl in yellow shirt holding pot under water leaking from ceiling

It’s a chilly fall night, and you and your family are gathered around the table, enjoying a nice warm dinner. Water drops from the ceiling fall into the mashed potatoes, green beans, and other dishes on the table. This wasn’t in your plans for the evening, but it needs to be addressed right away. 

What should you do now? 

Join us as we walk through the process of dealing with roof damage and how to approach and handle your insurance company’s roof damage claim. 

Will My Insurance Cover Roof Damage? 

Insurance policies are very specific, and each company’s policies contain unique language. Still, they say, “Roof leaks are mostly covered if they are caused by an opening in the roof caused by a covered cause of loss.” The following are some of the most common examples: 

  • Storm-related Damage 
  • Damage Caused by Hail 
  • Windstorm damage 
  • Objects that fall (we had a client who had a coconut fall out of a tree and make a hole in their roof). 

What Should I Do Now That My Roof Is Leaking? 

When there is a leak in your home, the first thing you should do is move all objects out of the way of the leak. Next, collect the water in buckets or any other container that can hold water. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, this could be the first time proper documentation of the damage and leaks is obtained. A couple pictures of the incident will go a long way. This will be very important in documenting the incident for your insurance claim.. Take as many pictures and videos as you can of the damage. 

If you notice a bulge or pooling water in the ceiling, one of the best things you can do is poke a hole with a screwdriver or other sharp object so it drains into one of your buckets below. This will help to protect the drywall, beams, and joists. We recommend putting up a tarp yourself or having a company put up a tarp over the leak to help minimize damage. It is very important to call Trusted Public Adjusters at 305-702-0014, to help start the process right. TPA will report and document your claim, while keeping you informed about the entire process. 

Things You Must Do With Your Trusted Insurance Adjuster 

Walk through every affected area to ensure that they are documenting and recording the areas affected by the damage. Make certain you notify your trusted public adjuster of every area affected by the damage. 

List the facts. 

Be specific with your Trusted Public Adjuster so that we can use our expertise to properly document the full extent of the loss. Our team is equipped with the latest tools to properly document the claim damages and correctly scope the loss.

Document the first signs of damage- If you notice water spots, ceiling bowing, or any other signs of damage, get on the roof and photograph what you see. Present all of you pictures and documentation to your Trusted Public Adjuster. Our staff will properly sort and document your information and add them to our digital system. 

Your Initial Call If You Notice Roof Damage 

We receive calls at all stages of the claims process. They typically arrive at the start of the process, where we handle inspections and then walk the claim through the entire process, acting as your voice to the insurance company. In other instances, homeowners learn about our company while in the claim process or after they received a denial of their claim. At all stages, Trusted Public Adjusters can step in and steer you toward proper settlement of your claim. 

As public adjusters, we are available to assist you at any stage of the claims process. Even if your insurance company has already denied your claim, we can still assist you! We believe that it is better to let a trusted public adjuster to handle both the insurance claim and the insurance adjuster because we specialize in handling these types of claims on a daily basis. 

Calling Trusted Public Adjusters is completely free, no hassle consultation from a trusted expert. We will inspect your property and insurance policy and notify you if you have a claim. Allow us to go to work for you and get you every dollar you’re owed for your home insurance claim.

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