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It is not uncommon for people to set fire to their property in order to collect insurance money. A typical insurance policy only covers unintentional occurrences. Intentional malicious acts are not covered. This highlights the importance of proper investigation and caution on the part of the insurer. A fire claim investigation can take some time, depending on the severity of the damage and the evidence found. If you were hoping for a quick settlement, you should probably revise your expectations.


Arson is the intentional setting of fire to property. It could be your personal property or the property of another person.

Arson is not always assumed when there is fire damage. It is only declared as such after all accidental causes have been eliminated. It means that the investigators must now provide evidence that the individual caused the fire on purpose and intended to cause property damage. As a result, the claim process will be extensive with multiple inspectors analyzing the loss. 

Why Do People Start Fires?

Why do people make mistakes? Sometimes it’s to make quick money, and other times it’s for financial gain. Some do it for the thrill of it, while others do it to exact revenge. Other guiding factors could include vandalism, politics, and mental illness. Arson is a punishable offense, regardless of the reason.

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Fire Investigation Is a Meticulous Task

Arson investigations are difficult because preserving evidence is nearly impossible. The fire destroys the physical evidence. As a result, the arson investigator relies on eyewitness statements, firefighter findings, and samples taken from the loss to determine what happened. 

In nature, arson is extremely destructive. Only a trained and knowledgeable individual can correctly interpret the clues or evidence to prove that the fire was deliberately set. An arson investigator, also known as a fire investigator, is both a fire scientist and a detective. The evidence is examined to determine what caused the fire, the accelerant used, utilities that were tampered with, and so on, in order to identify the criminal nature of the activity and the perpetrator.

How Long Do Fire Inquiries Take?

An fire investigation is similar to any other type of fire investigation. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the amount of loss and damage caused. An fire investigation usually takes about six months to complete. So don’t expect a quick resolution.

Arson Warning Signs

The following are some common signs of arson:

1. The lack of evidence of an accidental occurrence, particularly the “V” burn pattern.

2. Indications of forced entry

3. Important items have gone missing.

4. The property owner’s contradictory statements

5. The damage is too severe.

6. There are some unusual burn patterns that lend credence to the theory of high heat buildup.

7. The color of the smoke indicates the external agents used to start the fire.

8. Fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and other utilities are tampered with.

Fire Investigation Procedures

Police scientist investigates with a scale on a shoe sole tape tread

1. Typically, an arson investigation begins with an interview of the first responders on the scene, who are firefighters. The investigator questions them about the fire pattern, smoke color, sprinkler system condition, flame behavior, and so on.

2. Following this primary investigation, the investigator seeks the location of the fire’s origin. He, too, records all of the evidence.

3. Finally, using scientific methods, the investigator reconstructs the entire sequence of evidence to determine whether the fire was accidental or intentional.

Is it necessary for me to hire an investigator and a Public Adjuster?

The standard procedure is for the insurance company to dispatch a fire investigator as well as your local municipality to assess the damage. Your adjuster at Trusted Public Adjusters will help represent you and the facts in front of your insurance company and their inspectors. We will attend any and all meetings at the property and assist in creating a repair estimate and itemized contents list for any and all fire damages. Our team works restlessly to ensure that everything is properly documented and claimed. 

How long does it take to conduct a Fire investigation? 

There is no set time frame for completing a fire investigation. Everything is dependent on the extent of the damage and the evidence gathered at the scene. To be honest, even interpreting the evidence can take time. Yes, all fire investigations follow the same procedure, but to say it is simple and straightforward would be a lie. It is because each fire is unique, as is the investigator involved. Similarly, if the fire caused extensive property damage and loss of life, the investigation will most likely last longer than usually.

The fire investigator’s written report is not considered complete until the fire investigator submits it. Claims for small fires are typically settled within a week, if not two, but in the case of large fires, the investigation alone can take months, so expecting a quick settlement is unrealistic. Trusted Public Adjusters will guide you through the entire process and assist in get

If, as an insured, you believe that justice is not being served by the fire claim settlement process, you can always hire a public adjuster. The public adjuster works for the insured, not the insurance company, and is well-versed in all of the tricks that can help you get the best settlement possible. If you live in Florida and require such expert assistance, you can never go wrong by hiring Trusted Public Adjusters. With thousands of successful claim settlements, we guarantee you the best service and the best outcome. Call (305) 702-0014 to schedule an appointment or reach us by email Help@PayMyClaim.Info