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Are public adjusters worth it?

No one wants to deal with the hassle of a natural disaster or unexpected property issue. Between trying to salvage what’s left of your home and belongings, and dealing with insurance companies, it can be overwhelming. That’s where public adjusters come in – they’re supposed to help make the process easier, right? So are they […]

How do I choose a public adjuster?

This article will answer the question of how to choose a public adjuster. You may have heard that this is not an easy task. There are many things that you have to consider when choosing a public adjuster, so it’s best if you know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. To avoid any confusion, we’ve […]

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Important Reasons You may need a good Public Adjuster

Any serious damage caused to your property may need you to file a claim with your insurance company. But, if you visit the insurance company directly, they may minimize the amount of claim, and you may have to make an out-of-pocket expense for the damage. Thus, hiring public claims adjuster Pembroke Pines becomes important. The […]

How does wind damage your roof?

It’s South Florida where the weather by 2 pm is a mini hurricane in the making, when the weather turns into a rainy wind storm there are typically two types of damages that can occur: structural and aesthetic. Wind can cause damage to your roof by causing loose or broken shingles, tearing off your roof […]