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How To File A Water Damage Claim?

Lots of houses are ruined by water each year. Such claims are the second largest in the United States, per the Insurance Information Institute. Homeowners’ insurance policies typically handle claims arising from such events, and in some cases, flood insurance is mandated. As a fluid, water can flow around obstacles with ease. It can cause […]

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Most Common Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Commercial refers to anything connected with commerce or business. As a result, commercial property claims are simply claims relating to the premise or physical structure from which the business operates. Commercial property insurance is typically more complex than residential property insurance. It is primarily due to the high cost of the premise itself, as well […]

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A fire claim during a home renovation project caused by improperly discarded rags soaked in a combustible liquid occurs more frequently than you might think. Deck stains, oil-based paints, paint thinner, kerosene, and varnishes are all common combustibles. Rags are used to apply these finishes, clean application brushes, and wipe up spills. As these soaked […]

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When Do You Need A Miami Public Adjuster & Why?

Professionals who provide insurance and property protection to homeowners and businesses are known as public adjusters. A public adjuster in Miami can assist the people of South Florida in recovering from losses incurred by natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and fires. They also assist in getting insurance companies to pay out after a loss. […]

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The 2022 Hurricane Season in Florida

Summer is almost here, and the temperature is rising. Hurricane season is approaching for residents of the United States Eastern and Southern coasts. Hurricanes are a fact of life for those who live near the ocean, and there’s little they can do to escape a major storm. Smart property owners, on the other hand, know […]

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What Can I Do About Plumbing Leak Claims?

A plumbing leak can be a huge disaster and cause property damage. Homeowners’ insurance policies can have coverage gaps, leaving you on the hook for costly plumbing leak claims. Here are some methods for dealing with disputes involving plumbing leaks. Repair on time Plumbing leaks can bring you hours of frustration, so you must act […]

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Water Damage – Do You Know What’s Covered?

There is no home or business that is completely safe from the threat of water damage. Water damage can result in expensive repairs and lost revenue for your property. What are the most common water damage insurance claims? Sewer backups, burst pipes, and flooding are the most common insurance claims for water damage. When you […]