Confused brunette woman dealing with water damage in kitchen

There is no home or business that is completely safe from the threat of water damage. Water damage can result in expensive repairs and lost revenue for your property.

What are the most common water damage insurance claims?

Sewer backups, burst pipes, and flooding are the most common insurance claims for water damage. When you file an insurance claim for a water leak, the insurance company will determine whether the leak was caused by a sewer backup or flood or by a malfunction on your property.

The insurance company will dispatch an adjuster to take information on behalf of your insurance company. These professionals work on behalf of the insurance company with their best interest in mind, not yours. Depending on your deductible and policy limits and endorsements, your insurance company may completely reject your water damage claim.

What is the scope of a water backup endorsement?

A water backup endorsement is intended to provide coverage for situations that are not typically covered by standard homeowners insurance policies. This includes damage caused by sewer backups, sump pump overflows, burst pipes, and other water damage claims.

How do I go about filing a claim with my insurance company?

The proper way to get a claim started is to contact Trusted Public Adjusters to make sure that the claim is documented and reported properly. Our team of trusted and experienced all lines adjusters will make sure that you are properly compensated for your insurance claim.

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